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4K300 target

This target was specially designed for 50m shooting but can easily transformed for 10m-15m range use.

A highly flexible target for small caliber shooting

This target is specially designed to accommodate a wide range of small caliber shooting activities:g:

  • 10m Air Rifle/Pistol
  • 15m Air Rifle or 22 Rifle/Pistol
  • 15m Pistol with Lamp control
  • 50m Rifle

This target has become very popular for personal training as well in a number of large national shooting organizations. With the lamp control system attached this target becomes an ideal choice for Pistol shooters.


Our targets use a specially designed, roll of thin rubber or paper sheet (termed the target band) to ensure that the detection chamber of the target as sealed as possible. After the strip of the paper or rubber band that covers the aiming area has been shot through repeatedly the integrity of the sound chamber can be compromised and the band is rolled out a short section (termed a band advance) to re-seal the detection chamber and restore optimal shot detection quality.

Over time, the front and back panels of the detection chamber become eventually too riddled with shots and must be serviced in order to maintain a high detection quality. We have paid specially attention to both construction and the material we use so that all maintenance requirements are kept to a minimum and what service is required can easily be performed by our customers. We maintain ample stocks of any replacement parts that you should ever require for such servicing..

Patented Quality system

Our patented technology for measuring the shape of the sound waves and thereby determining the state of a target's detection chamber is very useful for professional shooters during training, and range officers during competitions. The shooter (information displayed on the monitor) or the range officer (information displayed on the range computer) can very easily see whether there are any potential problems in the targets sound chamber - before they may interfere with precise detection of the shot. This is a quality- system highly appreciated among our customers.

Specifications for 4K300 - 4K300L

Approved for:

10m Rifle/Pistol: ISSF, FSR, NSF, SSF, DDS
15m: DFS, DDS, og NSF
15m: 4K300L Pistol DDS
50m:  Rifle FSR, NSF, SSF, DDS

Deteksjons område:

4K300: 170mm x 170mm
4K300L: Ø260mm

Storage temperature:
-25°C - +60°C
Use temperature: -25°C - +45°C
Power consumption: 9-16V, 50-80mA
Dimensions: 440x570x110mm (BxHxD)
Weight: Target 5,0kg - Steel plating 7,5kg - Ricochet guard panel 15m 4,5kg

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