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ML Shoot


Personal training.

MLShoot = Personal Training System

MLShoot is everything you need in an electronic target solution by simply connecting any Megalink target straight to your personal PC. This solution is both ideal and affordable as a personal training system.

Different needs = Flexible solution:

Because of our unique system’s flexibility all of our target models can be configured as personal training targets. You can easily tailor the topography of connections to meet your particular requirements. We deliver solutions for everything from 10m Air to 300m large caliber shooting.

PC-based training target requirements:

You simply connect any Megalink target to your PC. This requires only the MLShoot application, a Hasp USB memory stick (which is the security key) and a USB adapter w/cable. We also offer radio modem communications between the PC and the target where a normal single connection cable is impractical.

PC Requirements

  • Windows 2000 or later

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E-mail: post@megalink.no