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Target lifts

Target Lifts

Our target lifts are designed for shooting in all positions at close range. We have developed an outstanding target lif for use with our 4K187 and 4K300 targets for 10m and 15m shooting.


The lift is mounted over the target (the standard lift strap is adequate for celing heights of 195cm – 300cm).

The target hangs in a carriage strap to hinder the possibility of the target falling if the lift strap is somehow shot to pieces.

The motor is strong enough to require no counter-weight (up to 20kg).

The motor is 100% controlled by the ML2000 system so that relays and programmable logic controllers aren’t needed..

Supports all firing positions: prone, kneeling, standing as well as park position.

Configuration of the lift settings can be done from any ML2000 monitor or from our MLRange range management application.

Available with bullet catch (Air guns)

Common power supply (24VAC) for a chain of up to 10 lifts.

Communicates with ML2000 through a simple connection to our standard pit cabinet.

Support for foundation training where the target is automatically positioned after a specified number of shots.

MLRange’s Automatic Discipline Assignment feature will automatically position the targets for each series taking into account the class of each shooter.

Fast lift action (approx. 8 seconds fully up and 6 seconds fully down)

Intelligent speed governor that ensures a quick position change while maintaining high precision.

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